This article is based on a presentation given by Iuliia at Women in SaaS Summit, 2022. Catch the full, unedited talk on demand, right here.

As someone who came from academia, rather than a SaaS background, I’m well aware of how people from different industries can bring new skills to the world of SaaS. Through my first-hand experiences, I’m going to demonstrate how this is possible.

More broadly, I’m going to show you how introducing new perspectives can spearhead fresh strategies in this burgeoning field.

In terms of customer service, I’ll be focusing on creating a collaborative relationship with users. Good customer service starts at the very beginning of the customer journey: with the onboarding process. The onboarding process needs to facilitate a constant feedback loop between you and the customer.

But a collaborative relationship in your customer-facing roles can only happen if you manage to establish a culture of collaboration within your org. Introducing fresh perspectives from diverse backgrounds is your route to this.

Here’s a breakdown of our main talking points: