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September 22, 2023

🔥 Hot off the press 🔥

How AI and remote work are shaping the future of SaaS
Valentina Thörner, Founder @ RemoteThatWorks, delves into two of the most significant developments in the world of SaaS: AI  and Remote work.

How to build the perfect email cadence for maximum conversion
Struggling with email conversion rates? Check out Isioma Ogwuda's step-by-step guide to the perfect email marketing cadence.

🔒 Members Only Content 🔒

Elevate your scaling game: Top 3 frameworks for success metrics & board updates
David Appel, Global Head of SaaS Vertical at Sage, demonstrates how to develop expert frameworks for aligning key stakeholders behind the metrics that matter most.

Product-led growth insights from unexpected sources
Boma Tai-Osagbemi, Global Director of Product at HelloFresh, demonstrates how to breeak out of the product silo and draw inspiration from surprising sources.

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A ton of customizable tools await you! From churn strategies to pricing guides, onboarding checklists, to feature updates. Everything you need to inform and inspire your SaaS organization is here. We know there’s a bunch of templates available online, but sifting through pages and pages of Google results takes up precious time and there’s no guarantee that what you’re working from is qualified. All our templates go through a rigorous quality check and have been created or reviewed by professionals from organizations like Facebook, Salesforce, Microsoft, Klue, and more.

There are some super helpful resources to help elevate you in SaaS
🎧 SaaSCast
📺 SaaSStream
📚 The ISO 27001 Bible

🔥 Reports and playbooks 🔥

💰Pitch Perfect: Captivate investors and fund your SaaS startup

Secure that coveted funding with these actionable insights from experts who've delivered the perfect pitch. Take a look!

🛠 SaaS Tools of Choice 2023

Introducing the ultimate directory of SaaS tools for 2023, including comprehensive breakdowns of crucial features, benefits, and pricing options. Chosen by experts for experts. Don’t miss it.

Whether you’re in sales, marketing, product, or design, you’re sure to find the tool that’s just right for you. Check it out.

📄The Future of SaaS Report

Wanna keep your brand relevant and up-to-date? How about successfully implementing the latest trends into your company’s strategy? 🤔

In partnership with TD SYNNEX and Scytale, The Future of SaaS Report will give you that, including actionable insights from leading SaaS gurus. :brain:

Discover game-changing developments, including:
🚀 AI and machine learning
📈 Vertical vs. horizontal SaaS

Get the full report here!

And if you fancy taking a peek at our past reports, check out.. 👀

🏅 Ones to Watch in SaaS

We're celebrating the successes and achievements of some of the leading minds in SaaS.🧠

Through your nominations, some astute social listening, and our internal panel, we’ve compiled a list of the trailblazers, the rising stars, and the champions of SaaS. 🏆 Check it out.

🚀 Future of SaaS ambassadors 🚀

Are you looking to elevate your personal brand in the SaaS world? Then our ambassador program is perfect for you.  

Designed to give you the space to establish yourself in SaaS, the program can also be tailored to be exactly what you want.

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Plus, it’s no more than a 6-month commitment…With opportunities to grow your network, contribute to professional content or run community events, we’ve got you covered!

We’d love for you to be a part of it.

💬 Talking points 💬

  • @Aaron Krall is asking: Imagine having a team of Data Scientists at your disposal to delve into your user data. What burning questions would you want them to tackle? Or perhaps you're unsure about your queries. Share your thoughts!
  • @Anuj Sharma is asking: How do you handle the challenge of understanding and managing all your marketing campaigns, especially when transitioning to a new role or during routine reviews? Got any recommendations?
  • When you feel like you don’t know something about your job, where do you go for support? Join the conversation!

✨ Keep up with all the latest hot topics on the #questions channel and join the conversation here.

💰 Job Opportunities 💰

We have exciting job opportunities this week:

👉 Saucal is looking to hire a Product Manager - Learn more here
👉 Nexla is looking to hire a Customer Success Manager - Learn more here

Why not check out the #jobs channel in Slack for more positions and the job board here?

🎓 Courses 🎓

Persona Certified | Masters

You’ll come away with the ability to:

📈Extract and mine data that drives bottom-line impact
💰Demonstrate the tangible value of personas
🛠Create, build, and deliver personas that actually work
🧩 Align everyone in your org around your personas
💪 Boost your entire company’s product, marketing, and sales efforts to the next level

All this and so much more! Take control of your persona rollout. Get persona masters certified today.

Why not get certified starting today?

Oh, and don’t forget:

Segmentation Certified | Masters

As a SaaS professional, you’re likely bursting with new marketing ideas and strategies to help achieve rapid growth within your org. Segmentation will help you to refine your marketing efforts, allowing you to be super-targeted in your mission to achieve customer conversion. Find out more here!

🎉 Meetups 🎉

🎥 FoSaaSnow: Startup vs Scale-up: How YOU as a leader must adapt to scale
🗓️ September 28, 2023
📍 Virtual
⏰ 11am EST | 4pm BST
📮RSVP here

☕ FoSaaS Coffee Chat: Building your teams across departments
🗓️ October 24, 2023
📍 Virtual
⏰ 12pm EST | 5pm BST
📮RSVP here

If you're interested in speaking or hosting an event, please let Emma know! 🔥

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🧠 Absorb the insights shared by 1,000s of other professionals that not only allow you to grow in your role but tangibly drive revenue and growth for your organization.

👥 Gain the opportunity to network and learn from departments you'll regularly collaborate with as a SaaS leader.

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