This article is taken from a talk given by Dan Pino and Corinne Goldberg at Customer Success Festival in June 2021. The whole presentation is available on demand.

Let’s start with a quick introduction: we’re Corinne Goldberg and Dan Pino, and we’re customer success managers at Slack.

We deliver a white-glove service to Slack’s mid-market and enterprise customers, and we're humbled to have the opportunity to serve as strategic advisors and enable our customers' success.

Alongside serving our customers, a key part of our roles is innovation. We want to challenge ourselves to be more strategic, impactful, and intentional with our customers in a way that adds value to their world and drives growth in our business.

We're super excited to be here today to tell you a bit about how we’ve driven innovation and scaled customer success at Slack. We're going to share some ideas and innovations that have helped us bring greater agility to the way that we work.

We hope these ideas will spark conversations and inspire you to think about how to innovate and elevate your customer success strategy.

Main talking points include: