🗓 Date: June 14-16, 2002
💻 Venue: Virtual

What is the Future of SaaS Festival?

This event aims to shine a light on everything SaaS from investment, growth, marketing reducing churn and creating a powerful product with a competitive advantage.

Essentially we have created a platform to help educate SaaS leaders make sense of the key components needed to ensure a successful career/SaaS product.

We are also dedicating the a whole day on June 16 to women in SaaS, addressing pressing topics they are facing and how to inspire a generation. 💪


Speakers Highlights. 🧠

Cindy Berman is the Product Marketing Manager at Productboard and has launched over 100 features and products at pre-seed, hyper-growth startups, and large public companies.

Meiran Galis is a strategic and tactical leader in the realm of security compliance and has built compliance programs for rapidly growing organizations.

Mike is a product-driven leader with a track record of developing and scaling high-performing product, growth, and marketing teams.


Top 5 Topics Being Addressed. 🔥

📍 The future of VC and SaaS investing
📍 Pricing your SaaS offering to stay competitive
📍 Being an ally: Supporting each other in the workplace

📍 Creating female leadership teams
📍 No paid maternity leave for new mothers in the US