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March 1, 2024

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Honored to be named 42nd out of Europe’s 1000 fastest-growing companies by Financial Times. This success stems from our loyal community members and staff who’ve stood by us since 2019. We’re living proof that passionate people power.


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🔥 Hot off the press 🔥

What is SaaS data analytics and why do you need it?
SaaS data analytics can be your treasure map to your growth milestones, but charting the right course can be tricky. Navigate the common obstacles with these top steps  right here. 

Keeping data safe: A SaaS provider’s guide to protecting customer data
Smart security compliance is an essential pillar of the trust you build with your customers. fortify your data security for airtight retention right here.

🔒 Members-only content 🔒

Crack the code: How metrics can set your SaaS up for success
Wondering if your SaaS metrics are steering you toward sustainable growth? Finance expert Idriz Adedoja cracks the code on setting your business up for the future.

The AI-powered future of revenue growth is here
Ali Akhtar, CEO of letter AI, showcases the endless potential of AI for launching your conversions to the stratosphere. 

The anatomy of a customer-first company: Wix's step-by-step playbook
Customer Success extraordinaire Sean Konchan outlines his expert strategy for making customer-centricity the beating heart of your org.

Member Templates

Check out these member templates.

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A ton of customizable tools await you! From churn strategies to pricing guides, onboarding checklists, to feature updates. Everything you need to inform and inspire your SaaS organization is here. We know there’s a bunch of templates available online, but sifting through pages and pages of Google results takes up precious time and there’s no guarantee that what you’re working from is qualified. All our templates go through a rigorous quality check and have been created or reviewed by professionals from organizations like Facebook, Salesforce, Microsoft, Klue, and more.

There are some super helpful resources to help elevate you in SaaS
🎧 SaaSCast
📺 SaaSStream
📚 The ISO 27001 Bible

🔥 Reports and playbooks 🔥

📈 SaaS Benchmark Metrics Report

In economically trying times, how can you ensure your SaaS company is set up to really crush it in the year ahead?

Firstly: keep your finger on the pulse of how your competitors are performing. 📈

Secondly: know how to utilize those insights toward crafting trailblazing strategies for the future ahead.

In collaboration with Benchmarkit, a foremost authority on the subject of SaaS excellence, this is what we’re offering you with the SaaS Benchmark Metrics Report for H1 2023! Check it out.

💰Pitch Perfect: Captivate investors and fund your SaaS startup

Secure that coveted funding with these actionable insights from experts who've delivered the perfect pitch. Take a look!

🛠 SaaS Tools of Choice

Introducing the ultimate directory of SaaS tools for 2023, including comprehensive breakdowns of crucial features, benefits, and pricing options. Chosen by experts for experts. Don’t miss it.

Whether you’re in sales, marketing, product, or design, you’re sure to find the tool that’s just right for you. Check it out.

📄The Future of SaaS Report

Wanna keep your brand relevant and up-to-date? How about successfully implementing the latest trends into your company’s strategy? 🤔

In partnership with TD SYNNEX and Scytale, The Future of SaaS Report will give you that, including actionable insights from leading SaaS gurus. :brain:

Discover game-changing developments, including:
🚀 AI and machine learning
📈 Vertical vs. horizontal SaaS

Get the full report here!

And if you fancy taking a peek at our past reports, check out.. 👀

🏅 Ones to Watch in SaaS

We're celebrating the successes and achievements of some of the leading minds in SaaS.🧠

Through your nominations, some astute social listening, and our internal panel, we’ve compiled a list of the trailblazers, the rising stars, and the champions of SaaS. 🏆 Check it out.

💬 Talking points 💬

  • @Georgi Furnadzhiev is asking: How much time it takes you to complete a competitor analysis? Are there any tools you use to automate such iterative efforts? And lastly, if you are composing such an analysis what are the things you are looking for? Share your tips.
  • @Paul Dionne is looking for learning materials for Business Managers managing a team of about 45 team member across marketing, sales, engineering, data analytics, customer support, etc. Share your resources!
  • @Kaushik Iyer is looking for advice on goal setting in Customer Experience. Share your thoughts.

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🚀 Job opportunities 🚀

👉 ZF Group is hiring a Program Manager | Apply here

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🔥 Events 🔥

💻 Keeping it SaaSy

This webinar will unravel the complexities and highlight the significance of crafting clear and simple value propositions. Learn how clarity in messaging can amplify awareness, interest, and ultimately drive higher conversion rates and platform adoption.

📆 When: 5 March, 2024
⏰ Time: 12 pm EST | 5 pm GMT
📍 Where: Virtual

💻 Strategies for CX team success

Dive into the significance of incentivizing CX teams, the pivotal role of retention in client relationships, and practical approaches to supporting leaders transitioning into parenthood. Gain firsthand insights from Anna's personal journey, including her experience spearheading a supportive system for team members on maternity leave, fostering their successful return and career advancement.

📅 March 19,2024
⏰ 10:00 am EST | 3:00 pm GMT
📍 Virtual

👥 Calling all Customer Success pros

Our sister community, the Customer Success Collective, has plenty of in-person festivals and summits around the globe in 2024 to help you and your team smash your L+D goals, stay ahead of the industry, and build out those all-important networks and connections. 

🍎 Customer Success Festival New York | March 20 & 21 
🍎 Chief Customer Officer Summit New York | March 20
🥳 Customer Success Festival Amsterdam | May 15 & 16

🍻 Meetups 🍻

FoSaaS Bengaluru meetup

Join us in-person on Friday, March 15th for our Future of SaaS Meetup in Bengaluru, where you get the chance to connect, engage, and network with fellow SaaS professionals.  💫

🗓 When? March 15, 2024
📍 Where? Bengaluru - Exact location TBC
⏰ What time? 8-10 pm IST

🎓 Courses 🎓

Persona Certified | Masters

You’ll come away with the ability to:

📈Extract and mine data that drives bottom-line impact
💰Demonstrate the tangible value of personas
🛠Create, build, and deliver personas that actually work
🧩 Align everyone in your org around your personas
💪 Boost your entire company’s product, marketing, and sales efforts to the next level

All this and so much more! Take control of your persona rollout. Get persona masters certified today.

Why not get certified starting today?

Oh, and don’t forget:

Segmentation Certified | Masters

As a SaaS professional, you’re likely bursting with new marketing ideas and strategies to help achieve rapid growth within your org. Segmentation will help you to refine your marketing efforts, allowing you to be super-targeted in your mission to achieve customer conversion. Find out more here!

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The above is just the tip of the SaaS iceberg, to unlock the real deal you should check out our membership plans.

With a Future of SaaS membership, you’ll be able to:

💪 Keep your fingers on every moving part within the rapidly-evolving SaaS space through use cases of globally recognized brands and up-and-coming startups.

🧠 Absorb the insights shared by 1,000s of other professionals that not only allow you to grow in your role but tangibly drive revenue and growth for your organization.

👥 Gain the opportunity to network and learn from departments you'll regularly collaborate with as a SaaS leader.

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